Karlstad University
Department of Computer Science

Photo: Henrik M Karlsson

Prof. Dr. habil. Simone Fischer-Hübner
Karlstad University
Department of Computer Science
Room no: 21F 404
Universitetsgatan 1
S 651 88 Karlstad / Sweden
Tel +46 54 700 1723

E-mail: simone.fischer-huebner@kau.se


Professor in Computer Science

Research Group

PRISEC (Privacy and Security) Research Group


EU H2020 Marie Curie ITN Privacy & Us (Scientific Coordinator)

EU H2020 project PRISMACLOUD

EU H2020 project CREDENTIAL

EU Erasmus+ Capacity Building project DAMOC

SWITS (Swedish IT Security Network for PhD Students)

KK-Profile Project HITS


Past Projects

EU FP7 FET integrated project SmartSociety

EU FP7 integrated project A4Cloud (Accountability Accountability for Cloud and Other Future Internet Services)

EU FP7 integrated project PrimeLife (Privacy and Identity Management for Life)


EU FP6 integrated Project PRIME (Privacy and Identity Management for Europe)

EU FP6 NoE FIDIS (Future of Identity in Europe)

EU CELTIC/EUREKA Project BUGYO (Building Security Assurance in Open Infrastructures)

PETweb II (Privacy-respecting Identity Management for e-Norge)

EU Tempus Project HEICA

U-PrIM (Usable Privacy and Identity Management for Smart Applications) funded by KK Stiftelsen

”Mitigate DNS self-reflecting attacks on SIP proxies” funded by Internetfonden .SE

Google Research Award projects “Usable Privacy and Transparency I and II”



Computer Security I

Computer Security II

Topics in Computer Security





Scientific Activities

Scientific Advisory Committee of Science Europe

Swedish IFIP TC11 Representative

Chair of IFIP Working Group 11.6 (Identity Management)

Coordinator of the Swedish IT-Security Network for PhD students (https://swits.hotell.kau.se/)

Vice Chair of the Board of IEEE Sweden, Section Computer/Software Engineering Chapter

Member of the NordSec (Nordic workshops on Secure IT Systems) steering committee

Member of the International Editorial Boards of the Springer International Journal of Information Security & the Springer International Journal of Trust Management.

Member of the PETS Advisory board and of the Editorial Board of the PoPETS journal

Member of MSB IT Security Advisory Board (MSB informationssäkerhetsråd)

Forskningsdatautrednigens referensgrupp

Past Scientific Activities/Committees:

Member of the Advisory Board of the Swedish Data Protection Commissioner (Datainspektionens insysnråd), 2008-2016

Member of the Advisory Board of the Swedish Tax Authorities (Skatteverkets insynsråd), 2008-2012

ENISA “Expert for identifying emerging an future risks posed by new ICTs”

Member of the STINT steering committee, 2010-2016

Former Member of the External Advisory Board of the IBM Privacy Institute


Current and past Involvement in International Programme Committees


Current Conference Chairs:

IFIP Summer School 2017, Ispra/Italy, 3-8 September 2017.

IFIPTM, Göteborg, 14-16 June 2017

TrustBus 2017, Lyon, France, 28-31 August 2017





Selection of Books:

Simone Fischer-Hübner, "IT-Security and Privacy-Design and Use of Privacy-Enhancing Security Mechanisms",  Springer Scientific Publishers, Lecture Notes in Computer Science,  LNCS 1958,  May 2001, ISBN 3-540-42142-4.


Jan Camenisch, Simone Fischer-Hübner, Kai Rannenberg (Editors), “Privacy and Identity Management for Life”, Springer, June 2011.

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